"The Arthur Avenue Love Strory That Brought Three
Original Recipes To The Ann & Tony's Menu And
Why WPIX 11 Morning News Put Us On TV To Tell It"

On November 9th, 1941 our grandparents, Ann & Tony were married. Our grandfather went to our grand mother and asked her to cook him a special meal on theirwedding night so he would always remember this special day.

She put together all his favorite foods, chicken, veal, shrimps, artichoke hearts, prosciutto, mozzarella, black olives, and mushrooms.

He ate everything she made and these dishes became his favorites. And every year for their anniversary our grandmother would cook these dishes for him to celebrate.

November 9th, 1970 would be the last time my grandmother would cook these special dishes for him. Just one month later our grandfather passed away at the age of 51. Our grandmother was devastated.

She would often reminisce about how much she loved him and how much she loved cooking for him, especially these three dishes that had very special and meaningful memories for them.

These recipes have been on our menu for the past 60 years. So, we invite you to taste the memories of our grandparents love.

Sukanya Krishnan, Chef Anthony Napolitano, and RalphNapolitano
discuss“The Secret Love Affair” behind one o fAnn & Tony’s most
popular dishes on WPIX 11 Morning

Here are the 3 dishes our Grandmother Ann cooked
for our Grandfather Tony on their wedding night.

  • Chicken Ann & Tony's

    prosciutto, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, olives & mushrooms in a white wine sauce

  • Veal Ann & Tony's

    prosciutto, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, olives & mushrooms in a white wine sauce

  • Shrimp Ann & Tony's

    dipped in egg batter, sauteed w/ prosciuttoand mushrooms

They have remained on our menu since 1941.

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